May Recaps & Blurbs!



It really has been an honor to serve and be apart of Key Club this past year. My time is almost up here at Roosevelt. I know I might be repeating this but, I am just super proud of this club and how far it has gotten in just one year. Members that are dedicated not only to meetings, but events and cheers! There is a lot of participation coming from this club especially and it makes me super happy. From the cheers, to meetings, events, fundraisers, & etc. I’m really gonna miss this club the most and everyone that is apart of it. Thank you so much to awesome LTG Darren Kwee for helping make D6 happen and fun. Also! Thanks to our awesome team of board members this year for all your hard work and dedication to the club even when we’re under pressure. I hope this club becomes even more successful next year! Best of luck!

I would really like it if everyone in this club could sign my yearbook before my last chapter in high school ends. Unfortunately I have ran out of space on my yearbook. BUT! Only if you would like to sign it. Here’s an alternative: Sign a sheet of printer paper or something like that and hand it to me next week Tuesday so I can tape it to my yearbook. (: Anyways, I might be around next year to visit. So until graduation ends, farewell to all you awesome Keyclubbers! D64LYFE!” One more thing…I feel good!”

-Alex Le, ERHS 2011-2012 Pres.

“So today at RHIS, the officers and I went to present Key Club to potential members…

One of the kids came up to us and said “Thank you guys so much for doing what you do because it’s great that you help our community in this way. I look forward to seeing you next year when I join Key Club!”

It’s days like this when I am glad that I am in this club and am making a difference. These small things make our day an motivate us to keep on doing the things that we do. Thank you guys for making this club what it is. Without the members, we wouldn’t be able to make this difference.

Stay amazing, guys!”

-Valerie Kwee, ERHS Pres.



It was truly an amazing year with all of you. Thank you all. Even though I didn’t get a chance to meet all of you last year, next year I will be more social! (since Key Club broke my awkward shell, lol). but yes! you have all served with penguin pride this year and I am all proud of you. be sure to come back next year! Be sure to keep updated with our facebook page or website for upcoming service events. thank you to our amazing 11-12 president Alex Le and our LTG Darren! good luck to them both in college. wish them a safe trip. ♥ Anyways! i hope all of you have an AMAZING SUMMER!


ok i love you all.”

-Ashley Chen, ERHS Historian

“Hi guys I love you thank you for making my freshman year awesome, bye alex I love you like a love song baby and I hope I get to become closer to everyone even more next year I lov you all.”

-Lawrence Ruiz, ERHS




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