June 2012 Honorees

CLUB OF THE MONTH: John F. Kennedy Middle College

The JFK Key Club

“JFK’s Key Club has grown so much this year! Our club has been able to increase membership, participate in many service events, and create a service event of our own. We are so glad to be able to do our jog-a-than for the Make-A-Wish Foundation this month. It has been a long road planning it but – thanks to our dedicated officers and members – it was all possible. We plan to keep on improving JFK’s Key Club, and I’m sure our club’s strong passion for helping our community and world will help this goal. “



Aaron Yoon, ERHS Key Club & D6N Club Ambassador

“Hello everyone! I am so overwhelmed that I have received the title of “Member of the Month” for the month of May. Being a member is important no matter what club you are in, and that members are the ones that make the clubs run. Without members there would be no one attending the club and that would be boring. Members make the club alive, so as members let’s try to make that happen. My good friend Juliana Deer once told me “POSITION SHOULDN’T MATTER IN YOUR ABILITIES AND CHOICES TO HELP OUT AND SERVE.” (By the way, she was not saying this to me in a rude way but just a way to express the importance and how much she means this.) For once I thought about this and now I can say that I completely agree with you, Juliana. Our positions do not determine our work ethics nor the abilities to help out those who are in need. Being a member is such a beautiful thing and I want everyone to understand that. Members make divisions well known and super spirited. So despite the positions, remember that we are all members and we are the cause of how other divisions see our division. My tip for today is that no matter what position you are just help out, and strive everyday to be the best member you can be, and maybe you can become the next “Member of the Month.” I am so thankful that I had been chosen as the member of the month and I hope that everyone can try their best to achieve what you want. Thank you to all those members out there, officers, and especially Juliana for helping me get through tough times. 🙂 Let’s make this year great! ❤ Division 6 North Penguin Pride.”


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