June 2012 Recaps

April DCM

Here we brought old and new penguins to Arlington Heights Sports Park for the first Divisional Council Meeting(DCM) of the term and as a brand new division! It was laid back and full of smiles as our fellow members around the fields to their heart’s desires. We discussed many events over a raging water balloon fight and altogether bounded as a group under the afternoon sun.

DCON(District Convention) 2012: Santa Clara, CA

At DCON 2012, we had a great time with attendees from ERHS, JFK, John W. North, and MLK! From April 13th-15th in Santa Clara we had a blast meeting so many distinguished Key Clubbers from all over the district and enjoyed what they all had to offer. Thank you to all the penguins who shared their spirit! With each year, we grow stronger, and by 2013 we’ll be mightier than ever!

D6N & D6S May DCM

It was the first DCM of the term for Division 6 South as well as a joint DCM potluck for both D6 North & D6 South – they couldn’t keep us D6-ers apart! Our original division chilled and mingled with others while eating and splashing around the pool in Temecula. We discussed cheers, a T-Shirt Contest, new mascots and colors, ICON, DCON, officer applications, & more news! Every DCM is an experience a Key Clubber needs.


This was an awesome event that our very own JFK Key Club hosted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Our fellow Key Clubbers waddled around the Norco High School soccer field while rounding up the money they made each lap. We hope to host more independent events like this in our community and I encourage all of you guys to try and host a fundraising project or event!


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