Article Submissions

WHAT are Article Submissions?
They are to put it simply – articles! Each club within the division is required to submit at least one article and one visual (pictures) to our Division Tech. Editor, Vivien Le @ or at the forms below, whichever one is easier for you! Some ideas of what to write are:

  • A cool service event you did
  • A Key Club Social event
  • Who, Where, When, Why, & What’s
  • Include some cool stuff too: other member’s quotes, etc.
  • Pictures should show service, we are aiming for glorious candids, not group photos!

WHY are these required?
They allow our Key Club District CNH (California-Nevada-Hawaii) to check up on what our division is up to and how we are representing Key Club to serve our community in a positive way! Your articles will also have a chance to show on the CNH District Newsletter and their spiffy new website.
WHEN are they due?
They are due on the  15th at 6:00PM of each month to our Division Tech. Editor Josh Yoon @ or at the form below.
Click here to enter an article now!


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