July 2012 Recaps


“The June OTC/DCM went very well! You can tell that everyone was having an amazing time because of the great vibe inside the room and there were laughters shared everywhere. The Division Officers looked very confident speaking in front of the room. Also, the food was unBEE-lievably delicious! I had an awesome time in the June OTC/DCM. The information that was shared caught my attention and it gave me more information of what everyone’s tasks are. I also had a lot of fun doing all the ice-breakers, especially the tissue one. And FOOD, omg FOOD.

-Charie Orillosa,



“On June 9th, Bingo Bash was held at Citrus Hills Intermediate. Key Clubbers from both ERHS and JFK came together to serve food to the attendees. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people! We each had our own little station and served items like sandwiches, potato/macaroni salad, condiments, and cake. It was a bit busy at times, but we all worked together to serve everyone!  After an hour and 45 minutes or so, one of the Kiwanis representatives thanked us from the stage and asked us how we felt. We happily did the cheer twice. After everyone was served, they allowed us to eat and drink whatever we wanted! It was a great day for service, and I’d love to do it again.”

-Tamara AbuZaineh,



“I must admit that at first, I joined Key Club because of the opportunities to participate in community service events. Later on, I realized that there’s much more to Key Club then service hours. The events were really fun & I found that serving the community & making people happy was worth way more than hours. I also got to meet a ton of amazing people – I was super shy before, I barely talked at all but now I’m outgoing! Hopefully, next year I’ll get to know even more people, maybe I’l be able to get more into our big happy ‘ohana.’”

-Caroline Pham,




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