Circle K Food Packaging Service

Hey, what’s that? A chance to volunteer this Saturday? Why yes it is!

Remember: Service never sleeps! If you’ve been a bit inactive this summer, here’s a chance to volunteer. The Circle K of UC Riverside will be having a food packaging service project going on this weekend, so stop by if you have time.

Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2012
Time: 8AM – 12PM
Where: Second Harvest Food Bank
2950 – B Jefferson Street, Riverside, CA 92504

Not able to make it? Talk to your club officers to see if they have anything planned, and if they don’t, it’s not difficult to look around and see if anyone needs a little help. I suggest contacting libraries, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and/or senior centers to see if they could use a little help. You can also always hold a car wash, garage sale, or bake sale to raise some funds for PTP! The possibilities are endless! (:

-Lily Lewis, LTG


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