D6N Wash N’ Go

DIVISION 6N PENGUINS! Ya’ll are aware of our upcoming divisional car wash taking place this Saturday with all our posts recently, right?! As we previously mentioned, not only do we need a bunch of volunteers… but we do do need a bunch of cars to wash!
**********PLEASE DO HELP SELL PRESALE TICKETS!*********** They are only $5 each!
If we only sell 10 tickets, we would have only raised $50, and only have $5 (10%) to donate towards MNT! We do not want to only depend on cars that happen to stop by on the day! And I know we can do much better than that!
Based on the ups & downs of past events such as the Talent Show & Jogathon, all we really need is teamwork, hard work, & support!
OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS SOLELY ON YOU, THE MEMBERS! IF EVERY MEMBER COULD SELL AT LEAST ONE TICKET, WELL THEN. YOU KNOW. THINGS ADD UP 🙂 ! Perhaps, start off with your family, or a close neighbor! Our car wash fundraiser is only a week away and we need as much help as we can get to advertise it!
If you live around the Eastvale area, it’d be great if you could post this flyer around. 🙂
You can also help by inviting people that you think would want to get their car washed to this event page:

ALSO: We are looking for volunteers for this car wash. We will be needing washers, dryers, sign holders, and people to help with clean-up. The shifts are…
Just message me or Jessica Ma to sign up for a shift!


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