T-Shirt Contest Prize

“I know you guys have artistic talent so get out that pencil, paper, tablet, whatever magical artistic tool you use and design a tshirt for D6North!

submit your design to d06n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Mascot: Penguins
Colors: Teal, Black, and Yellow

Remember that the back design should have room for the Key Club Logo and School Names.
Although you may send the file in any basic graphic form, I suggest saving it in a way that will allow for future edits, seeing as there’s a possibility that we may have to add more schools.

As of right now, please include:
Centennial, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, John W. North, Martin Luther King,
Norco, Notre Dame, Ramona, Riverside Poly, Santiago, and Woodcrest Christian.

Deadline: August 5, 2012.

BUTTT HERE’S MORE INCENTIVE TO CREATE A MORE BEAUTIFUL SHIRT THAN THE ONE I POSTED BELOW… If you’re a girl from ERHS Key Club, I’ll give you a pair of these earrings (oh ho ho our Key Club mascots)… if you’re a boy… then pierce your ears -.-

JKJK I’ll find something else for da boys~”

– Valerie Kwee, ERHS Pres.


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