Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel?
Alright, I would like to talk about the shirt designs, to those who are entering, if you are having trouble trying to find a way to sketch your designs in animation form, here I will introduce you to an app where you can draw and sketch whatever you wish, for example, the picture below I drew a penguin and the keyclub bumblebee in Mario version (I’m sorry if it’s horrible), this app can be installed on your iphones, ipod touches, or ipads, I’m not sure if this app can be installed in other types of devices, but you can try, the name of this app is called “Spray Can”. The picture of the app has a red spray can spraying red paint. This is your own personal choice, if you want to try it or not. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. (Sorry for the long paragraph and Thank you for listening!~)
(Credits goes to my cousins who introduced me to this app and to the owner who created it)

– Victoria Nguyen, ERHS


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