RTC News!

Thanks for coming to the DCM today! Mr. and Mrs. Nelson’s home was truly a wonderful location, and it was perfect pool weather as well 😀

To the JFK Key Clubbers: there was a lonely pizza waiting for you all. We didn’t have the heart to tell it that you went home early D;

For those of you that came, as well as those of you that weren’t able to attend, make sure you mark your calendars for August 25th and September 29th!

On August 25th, at UCR, from 10AM-12PM, we have our August DCM! By then, some of you would have already started schools, while others willl be preparing to go back. In addition to going over important information regarding member recruitment and retension, we’ll also be having a spirit session that day. This will be our only chance to build our spirit and prepare for the spirit battle between other divisions in our region during RTC.

What’s RTC? The Region Training Conference! This is one event that you do NOT want to miss! Not only will it be Division 6 North, but Division 6 South, Division 36 East, Division 36 West, and Division 47! Keep in mind that they’re all traveling from a land far far away to come to our division for this event – we’re lucky to have it so close! They’re coming to our ‘hood’ so let’s show them how D6 North runs this town! It will also be at UCR from 11AM-4PM.

Of course, as the dates get closer, we’ll be creating an event and releasing more information. (:

-Lily Lewis,


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