An EA’s Monthly Goals

DLT Executive Assistant Kenneth Collado

School is just right around the corner for some of us, and I want to know: what are your goals for Key Club this upcoming school year? From getting more service hours to showing more spirit, creating goals is vital for the success of this new, exciting school year.
But since I’m asking you what your goals are, I should at least put my goals down, right?
This year I hope we…
– Increase membership & participation within clubs and our division

– Increase spirit! Let’s go win that Spirit Stick at Fall Rally guys!!!
– Demonstrate more inclusiveness within members
– Fundraise a significant amount of money for Fall Rally (Transportation + PTP)
– Secretaries: let’s get those Early Bird MRF’s!
– And of course, what Key Club is all about, do as much community service as we possibly can with a smile.

You may have similar goals. Or you may have completely different ones. I hope we all work together to strive towards them however. Key Club has turned into my extended family, and I hope you view Key Club as this too. The individual is capable of doing so many things; just imagine what a group of motivated people can do.

Your Executive Awesome,
Kennyyy 🙂


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