A Word from our LTG (August) & Tech. Editor

Veronica Wong (ERHS) & LTG Lily Lewis advertising @ the D6N Fundraising Wash N’ Go

“The success from the car wash is still fresh on my mind! We raised $568.51 with a portion of the proceeds going towards the Eliminate Project! Great job! Now, think about it: This was only one fundraiser. Imagine what we can do with more! The process of organizing an event may seem like an intimidating task, but you’re not alone. There are resources everywhere and people who are always willing to help you. My challenge to all you clubs? Hold a fundraiser and help us reach our goal of $2000 for Pediatric Trauma Prevention! Gather members who want to help plan, ask both faculty and Kiwanis advisors for assistance – you’ll be amazed at what they can do for you. You’re all doing a wonderful job and I absolutely love all the effort I’m seeing towards improving your individual clubs. Hope you all enjoy your remainder of summer vacation! I’m convinced it’s going to be an incredible year.”
-Waddling with Service,
Lily Lewis

From your Tech. Editor

“As summer comes rolling to an end and school begins, life with Key Club is going to be a lot more hectic. If you were volunteering during break, I applaud you! As you get busier and busier with projects and homework don’t forget your responsibilities as a Key Clubber! One more thing I would like ya’ll to do is whenever you go to an event please write an article about your experiences as it allows me to send them to the district and you get to be featured on the website. Speaking of which, check out the awesome August 2012 Newsletter! I also encourage all our jubilant clubs to plan a division-wide event (be it fundraising or social) and our Division Leadership Team (DLT) will be behind you 100% each step of the way. Submitting articles, pictures, and answering monthly questions will make the newsletters a lot more fun!”

-Waddle out,

Vivien Le


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