August 2012 Recaps


It was a blazing hot summer morning at our local 7-11 when Key Club volunteers began pouring in armed with washing gear. Our highly anticipated fundraising event had finally kicked off with weeks of planning courtesy of mainly our awesome JFK Key & EA Kenneth Collado. Throughout the day dedicated Key Clubers battled the hazing heat and indomitable obstacles such as monster-trucks. While our skilled wash men handled the cars with ease the spirited banner-men held signs and adver- tised to selling tickets and raising up signs. At the end of the day, WE DID IT! In total, we made $568.51 , with $60.51 coming from our beautiful, beautiful Eliminate donation box. Of course we’ve proudly and generously given $112 to help eliminate MNT and save babies worldwide! In fact, that is enough to give 62 mothers the vaccines they need for MNT so their infants do not contract MNT. With such a huge success I can’t wait for what ideas you, brilliant clubs, will come up next! Don’t be shy (or lazy, for that matter) and go all out!

– Vivien Le, Tech Editor

The car wash turned out successfully. There were more cars that showed than what I believe everyone expected, which is never a bad thing. Even though it was very hot that day, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time, smiling, and laughing while getting our jobs done. The car wash was a great experience for me because it taught me how to work well with others. My favorite part of the day was probably at the end of the car wash because that was when a lot of cars started piling in to get their cars washed. Yes, it was very hectic for others but had a lot of fun running around with my hose and just spraying the cars…and people. The only down side was that I now have a very horrible shorts tan, but it was worth it! 🙂

– Charie Orillosa, Historian

“Thank you so much to those who volunteered at the car wash! I’m glad to say that all your hard work payed off. We faced some obstacles along the way… with people bringing monster-like trucks & whatnot, haha. BUT WE DID IT. SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS. 🙂 You guys rock. In the end, we made $457.20. And I think you guys need to know that you rock once again. Thank you so much to everyone who helped! If you couldn’t help out this time, then there will definitely be another. Hope to see you there!”

– Kenneth Collado, EA


“Who are we?! D6N! And yes we definitely TEARED IT UP TODAY! Thanks to everyone who was able to show up today – YOU the volunteers, our supporting parents, our loving advisers, the wonderful peeps who showed up with their cars, and of course, the 7-Eleven for letting us use their water and parking lot. Despite some obstacles, we pulled through wonderfully my dear penguins. Our goal in the morning was to wash at least 5 cars, and we washed nearly 100!WOOT WOOT!

-Julianna Deer, JFK


GEE DOUBLE OH DEE JAY OH BEE GOOD JOB! GOOD JOB! Great job at today’s car wash! I’m so proud of all the effort the ERHS Key Clubbers made! The teamwork with JFK and yearn to help out with anything we needed was inspiring. Great job guys! WE SAVED SOME BABIES.

-Valerie Kwee, ERHS


For a span of three, gloriously luxurious summer days, the peaceful citizens of Eastvale enjoyed an annual community wide event. Of course, our dedicated Key Clubbers were assigned to the task force of doing various tasks such as hand- ling inflatables, picking up trash, and monitoring crowded areas.

“Due to some previous commitments, this year I wasn’t as involved in Key Club as I’d originally hoped to be, but the events I was lucky enough to go to were amazing! One of the main ones we volunteered at was The Picnic in the Park carnival at Harada Park (June 29th-July1st). I assisted my friends in picking up trash, stair monitor, and watching the inflatables. It was a great feeling helping out the community while also having fun at the same time. I look forward to becoming more involved in Key Club and volunteering at all of their exciting events!”

-Victoria Robles, ERHS




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