Club Officers: Universal Sign-In Sheet

Although some of you have already created a sign-in sheet template for all of your events, the CNH District is now encouraging the use of this new template. It allows for a standardized method of recording attendees and can prove to be very helpful when filling out the Monthly Report Forms. Visit our Resources to print a copy of it for your club!

“Hello Club Officers,

The Universal Sign-In Sheet is a sign-in sheet that the District Projects Committee has created for your use. The Universal Sign-In Sheet was created for the purpose of helping/making it easier for your club secretaries to keep track of service hours of all of those that participated in the event. Not only will it help clubs keep track of member hours, but it has the ability to track what type of event is being held (whether it’s a fundraiser or service project as well as whether there was Kiwanis involvement, or if it qualifies as a District Project, Preferred Charity Project or anything else that is needed to help complete the Club’s Monthly Report Form (MRF). After the event, it would be easy for the club secretary to transfer the data from the Universal Sign-In Sheet directly to the MRF. CNH recognizes the important value each club and member has when it comes to service and the important work that club secretaries perform when filling in their MRFs. Hopefully, the Universal Sign–In Sheet will make it that much easier for Key Club secretaries sending in more accurate and complete Monthly Report Forms. I hope that all of you can use this new sign-in sheet because we want everyone’s efforts to be recognized and appreciated. “


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