An MRF Celebration

ASK ME IF ALL ELEVEN CLUBS OF DIVISION 6 NORTH SENT IN THEIR MONTHLY REPORT FORMS. Why, yes they did! Thanks for asking! I am so proud of you penguins for completing your given tasks. Let’s continue to do this, yes? A big thank you to Centennial, ERHS, JFK, MLK, North, Norco, Notre Dame, Ramona, Riverside Poly, Santiago, and Woodcrest Christian! Great job for staying on top of your duties ;D

This time, not only should we strive to send MRFs in, but we should aim to turn them in on time AND make sure they’re completed accurately. For many of you, this was your first submission – and that’s okay! I’ve sent back revisions and tips, and be sure to keep them in mind when you’re filling out the August tab.

The next deadline is: September 3rd (early bird) and September 5th by 6PM (on time). E-mail them to (make sure you get the correct e-mail) and CC your club president and Keep up the great work!


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