Got Headers?

Have you seen the pretty lil’ penguins on top of our website? Those are called HEADERS. We currently have 3 of them! BUT WHY NOT ADD MORE? I thought this could be a fun thing to do to spruce up the site, and just have fun with all year round, with the stress of deadlines, controlling guidelines, or anything to restrict the creative juices (:

  • Send your awesome concept sketches, pictures, PSDS, designs on over to my email: or through facebook, whatever!
  • Add whatever you want! Suggestions: a penguin(duh), pretty text, cool slogans, our division colors(teal, black, & yellow), and our Division name!
  • They are 1000 (width) x 288 (height)
  • For the Photoshop/Graphic design savvy, I have my PSD Files you can play around with, including the 3 vector mascots, and whatever else are in the 3 banners!
  • This isn’t really a contest, whatever you send will probably edited a little and published right away! You guys will get credits, have full creative control, and the website will be awesome and member friendly.
  • No time limit, Send them whenever you’re free! 
Questions, etc?

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