Spirit Cheers

Got a cheer? Email ’em to our Spirit Coordinator or LTG!
“Good Job!”
G double-o J-O-B
Good Job, good job
say it loud and proud
Good job, good job!

“How do You Feel?” and “Remix”

We feel good,
Oh we feel so good! UGH!
We feel fine,
All of the time!
Abooga (x5)
Hold up, wait a minute!
Let me put some booty in it.
Uh, some booty. Uh uh, some booty!

“HELLO/Who Are We”

H-E-L-L-O, that’s the way we say hello!
We’re 6 north, we got the beat
Tell us, can you feel this heat?

D-6-N, P-E-N-G, U-I-N-S ( x2)
Who are we? 6 North! What do we do? Tear it up! (x2)
We’re D6 North, we tear it up. You know we can’t be stopped.
We’re D6 North, we tear it up. Standing at the top, top, top.

“Hello Spirit” by Nini Buu

Penguins is the name, and spirit is our game
We got service on our mind and WOOT we’re mighty fine


Waddle, we waddle, we wad-waddle waddle
Ser-serving our nation
Our club is looking colossal
We got girls in teal t-shirts
And penguin boys in them too
We rep that place up north
We BE that penguin crew

Spirit Battle!
We got spirit, yes we do.
We got spirit, how bout you?

We got spirit, now we’re done.
Penguin spirit, we’ve just won!

Our LTG Telling us How she Feels with a little Remix

“Teal & Black”

Black and teal,This is how we feel
We feel good, so good,oh we feel so good uh!
Black and teal,
Black, black and teal,
said that black and teal,
Penguins keep it real!

Watch out, we’re here,and ready to cheer!
Teal and black, Yes, we’re back,
So yell with us, Yell teal and black! Teal and black,
That’s where it’s at.
Let’s go teal and black!

“The BIG Cheer”
We penguins are in the house (x3)
So hold up, wait a minute, let us show you how it’s done.

Shabooyah, shah shah, shabooyah roll call. (x2)
From the north to the south,
You can hear us shout.
From the east to the west,
We penguins are the best.

Ay penguino, ay ay penguino! Oh!
Ay penguino, ay ay penguino! Oh!

We got that pride, it’s penguin swag.
D6 North, don’t mean to brag.
We got it, we got that beat!
We got that penguin beat!
It goes boom boom clap,
boom boom clap clap swoosh

“You Rock”
You rock, you rock.
6 North is telling you
You rock, you rock.


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