Some September News!

  • Have you forgotten about our awesome new Leadership Opportunities? Check ’em out!
  • If you got any awesome, catchy, UNEATABLE cheers to beat these guys and everyone else send to our Spirit Coordinator Natsuki Takahari or our LTG Lily Lewis at their e-mails.

“HEY, WE’RE BEATING THEM THIS YEAR, RIGHT? if you have supertastic cheers, send them in so we can prepare to WIN.”

– Lily Lewis,

Lt. G

  • The results of our Teal v. Black polls have come in! It looks like our T-shirts will be staying black this year: 

On that note, please take a few seconds out of your amazing and busy lives to to tell us what t-shirt size size you will be planning on ordering. We’d just like to get a general idea of what the order will look like. This is not a permanent decision of any sort. Please share this poll with your fellow club members. Thank you!

    • ALL ELEVEN CLUBS SENT IN THEIR MONTHLY REPORT FORMS! For the second time in a row, we have achieved 100% of submissions. At this point, I’m pretty sure that the best secretaries and officers are all in Division 6 North! Let’s keep this up, yes? ;D
    • ERMAHGERD KER CLERB. ERMAHGERD WRERSTBERNDS FOR ONLY 3 DOLLERDS. If you’re interested, we’ll be distributing them to our clubs throughout the division very soon! A flyer will be posted soon, but here’s a picture OF OUR AWESOME DERPED LTG LILY NOW:
  • SEND ME PICTURES OF YOU PENGUINS WEARING OUR KEY CLUB MERCHANDISE N’ SHOWING YOUR SPIRIT! E-mail them to, we’ll be constructing an awesome spirit page of D6N showin’ our attractive spirit gear!
  • Clubs, don’t forget that Club Reports are due on Sept. 15 at 6:00 PM

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