Division Leadership Team Job Info.


“As one of the two executive assistants for the division, I find ir create community service projects for the divison in collaboration with the LTG. By being a leader in the DLT it is necessary that I can publicize and inform the members about any upcoming events or projects. Communication is vital, and being sociable is a plus because as a leader, you need to know your members. Being an executive assistant is no easy job, as the position can be time consuming and stressful. The executive assistant position is to help the LTG, just like the vice president assists the president. The ideal executive assistant must be responsible, serving, patient, amiable, proper, spirited, and open-minded.” – Current EA Jenny Truong

Tech Editor:

“The tech editor will be in charge of fully running this website. On the website, posts will be uploaded about upcoming events, notices, event recaps, etc. To do this position, one must have a basic understanding about website management. Coding HTML would be a benefit as well, as advanced customization requires HTML coding.” -Current Tech Editor Josh Yooon


The office of division treasurer is important because the treasurer is in control of the division’s money, its collection and disbursement.  He/she will manage budgets relating to Spirit Wear, Fall Rally Spirit Packs, Fall Rally Money, DCON, and all other division fundraising events.

News Letter Editor:

A news letter editor is vital to a Key Club because he/she is responsible for all printed material the club receives. The editor is the advertiser, the communicator, and general publicity person of the club. This role requires time and knowledge on dates and happenings of district and International events, in addition to the current club projects and plans. The editor must be knowledgeable of the programs and structure of Key Club International. He/she must collect pieces of articles or media (pictures) from schools and students in the division, and include them in the monthly newsletter. This job will consume time, and photoshop experience is preferred.


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