Task Coordinators

From top left clockwise: Shannon Wong, Valerie Kwee(resigned), Charie Orillosa, Natsuki Takahari, Rachel Lin, & Aaron Yoon

Pediatric Trauma Prevention (PTP) 

“Hi everyone! I’m Shannon Wong and I’m D6N’s PTP Fundraising Coordinator. As the coordinator, I am excited to raise money for Key Club in the best ways that I could think of, towards the Pediatric Trauma Program. I hope to bring about more effective yet fun ideas through my experience and creativity. I believe there could be much more enthusiastic participation in Key Club activities with the fun and variety I hope to bring! I believe that with a unifying force in a common purpose, such a noble goal can be reached together. I am certainly looking forward to being involved much more in Key Club this new term and what we will achieve as a division.”

-Shannon Wong

Spirit Coordinator

“I’m excited and extremely honored to serve this division this term! Being spirited is definitely one of my strong points, and that RTC/Fall Rally spirit stick will be ours this year. I can’t wait to have all of us lose our voices at these amazing events and spread our Key Club spirit throughout our division as the Spirit Coordinator this year!”

-Natsuki Takahari


“Finding out that I get to serve this term as Division 6 North’s Historian is very exciting as well as an honor and a responsibility. As historian, it would be my responsibility attend most, if not all, of the events, take tons of pictures, and in the end make a scrapbook! The scrapbook will chronicle the past and illustrate the growth and accomplishments we’ve achieved as one, united Key Club Division. I can’t wait to look back at the pictures and reminisce the memories that we’ll make today.

-Charie Orillosa

The Eliminate Project 

“Receiving the news of being the Elliminate Fundraising Coordinator of Division 6 North is such a great honor. Using my creative ideas, I will be able to create exciting and fun ideas to fundraise for this project. As a result of going to DCON, I know more information about the Elliminate project than others who did not attend to this event. With this information, I am given the opportunity to persuade others so they can help fund raise for the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus AKA MNT.”

-Rachel Lin

Club Ambassador

“Hello Division 6 North! My name is Aaron Yoon, and I am glad to serve our division by uniting our clubs to be big, strong, and happy penguins. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in dcms and making a difference by doing community service! Hope to get to meet all of you guys!”

-Aaron Yoon

Service Coordinators

Service Coordinator Fernando Meija

“I am so honored to be able to help the best divsion in world! Woo-hoo!! But on a serious note, I am really excited to be able to help all of you and thank you!”

-Fernando Meija


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